Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rosie is a Genius

So far this month Rose has mastered 4 things.

1. Sitting up without help, and getting into a sit from laying down.
2. Crawling.
3. Pulling herself up to stand on anything possible.
4. Getting teeth. Her bottom middle two are going to be here any day.

It makes you ponder the thought that humans are most productive in their first year of life. If only we could continue this kind of growth and intelligence later in life...anyway Rose is a genius!


  1. wow, she is moving along fast.
    nora just learned how to do those things in the last couple weeks... and she still doesn't pull herself up well. it is interesting how kids grow differently.

  2. She does sound like she is quite the smart little gal. I wish I still learned that quickly.

  3. I remember when I thought my own Princess was genius. (I am sure she is actually!)

    Beautiful family.

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  4. I was roaming and came across your blog, you have a lovely looking family. Yeh every child is a genius and them they grow up and then, well i will let you find out yourslef.

  5. Great job Rosie!! Thanks for following my blog..I am also following yours now...Have a great weekend...Love your template BTW!

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