Sunday, December 13, 2009

Abe's Snowy Day

It has been a long time no post, but as things are finally starting to wind down here, I have time to write again. Which makes me very happy.

Just like everywhere else around us, we had the huge snowstorm. We had some 7 or 8 inch snow drifts still left in our yard, and since the wind finally died down, Eric and I decided that it was time to take Abe out for his first real fun in the snow. Last year we bought him a snow suit, size 18 months, but it was way too big. This year when we put it on it fit perfectly, so that combined with Elmo light-up snow boots made for a very well-dressed snow baby.

When Eric first took Abe outside he was a little less than happy. He didn't really want to wear gloves, but eventually gave in. We tried to calm him down and show him how fun it was to play in the snow but no matter what we did he just kept crying. However, once mom hid daddy with a snowball Abe was totally ready to play. He happened to think that was hilarious.

So Eric tried to build a snowman, and I pulled out some dumptrucks for Abe to fill with snow. Eric made a giant snow Angel, and Abe discovered that when you eat snow it's, "not water".  He ended up sitting in the snow with the trucks for about 20 minutes before I decided that it was probably time to go in.

When we went inside, I made the boys hot chocolate. Abe was so very excited and when he tasted it he said it was "ice cream water". Which is a pretty accurate description since it is basically melted chocolate ice cream. The best part of the whole day though was when Abe was saying hot chocolate. In his cute little Abe voice he pronounced, "ha cha cha, ha cha cha". 

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